Collective Performance

Outstanding Performance for Executive Teams

What are the main challenges faced by Top Executive Teams?

  • Misalignment among themselves in relation to the cultural and business priorities. This prevent them to execute strategic plans timely and effectively
  • Obstacles for some executive teams to transform the way they operate and adapt to the new work environment
  • Misuse of the real potential of each member to produce team based results and ensure each one is positioned at the right place and play his/her assets
  • Trust and engagement declining, preventing from overcoming obstacles during critical times or/ and when engaging a major transformation
  • Difficulties to provide honest and constructive feedback to others in order for the team to progress together


Our solution Collective Performance

GO4IT Solution

An innovative event for executive teams with a full immersion in the way the “Patrouille de France*” operates shared by a former leader of the “Patrouille de France”, a full diagnosis of your team performance in relation to your company challenges and workshops for your team to:

  • Step back and understand the team dynamic
  • Decide specific actions to optimize the way your team operates and reaches excellence
  • Perform as an executive team in highly risky situations with a lot at stake such as a major company transformation

* The “Patrouille de France” is the aerobatics demonstration team of the French Air Force

GO4IT provides also the following services:

  • 360° feedback
  • Cascading strategic objectives in the company for an excelllent execution



The members of your executive team:

  • Are energized by this innovative approach, closed to what they experience as executives managing high performers
  • Have a strong vision of what needs to be done beyond the short term challenges
  • Are fully aligned with the strategic objectives and culture required to successfully develop the company
  • Are aware of the team assets, its opportunities for progress and potential risk as a team
  • Become robust in executing plans under high pressure
  • Benefit from a more collaborative than competitive mindset with clear role on the contribution of each member
  • Have experienced a proven methodology for high performing teams to reach excellence in highly risky situations
  • Are able to integrate successfully newcomers with different style to bring new way of thinking  within the team
  • Promote successfully organizational change and create success for the business

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