GO4IT Team

GO4IT consultants and coaches are all senior people with a significant experience as operational and functional leaders associated with a robust experience in leadership development activities. Most of them are international certified independent coaches

They all share the same values while having different backgrounds. This enables client to access to a diversity of profiles bringing richness and innovation to our solutions

Gilles Dacquet – Go4It founder

Gilles has over twenty years of consulting experience in change management; leadership and talent management. He gained significant international experience living in the USA, the UK and Nigeria. Then, he worked seven years for Dynargie, a Swiss-based company, with a focus on people management as well as sales training and for 12 years, he managed the South European operations for DDI World , an American company which focuses on international programs design and delivery. Gilles is expert in designing management programs with a Training approach. Gilles has delivered programs in Europe, Africa and the US for companies such as Alstom/GE, Alstom Transport, GDF, Lesaffre, PSA, Renault, Total, Toyota Manufacturing, Saint-Gobain, Sanofi.  He currently manages GO4IT operations. Gilles created the tools to the Nexans IDP and contributed recently to the launch of the IDP.

Gilles works in English and French.

Sophie Lamarque-Dacquet – Executive coach

Sophie is French. She is an international coach working with executives and executive committees in complex and multicultural environments. She designs and runs seminars dedicated to leadership development within the framework of company transformations. Passionate about the systemic approach for improving organizations, Sophie help managers align or re-align themselves around a common vision and the strategic goals of the organization. She helps teams in contexts of crisis to align and rally around the vision and he strategic business issues of the company. Due to her education and experience in foreign countries, she has a multicultural background. She has delivered programs for senior leaders coming from all over the world and has run programs in Asia, Africa, Europe and North America for companies such as Alstom, BNP-Paribas, Lesaffre, LVMH, Sanofi, Texaco. Sophie works in English and French.

Jacques-Gabriel Cassier – CEO of Pehost Consult

Jacques-Gabriel loves helping individuals, teams and organizations to (re-)discover the Sense in their decisions and actions: the Why before the What and the How. He is also keen on working on their postures to help increase cooperation.

By educational background Jacques-Gabriel is an Engineer + MBA + Master Coach – He has been trained as a 6 Sigma Black Belt and he is MBTI Certified.

Jacques-Gabriel designed and facilitated training programs for companies such as Alstom, Areva, Engie, and Total.

Jacques-Gabriel works in English, French and Spanish. 

Karine Savigny – CEO of Harmony

Karine is French and lives in Paris. She is an expert in international leadership and collective intelligence. She supports companies and leading schools (ESSEC, ESCP, ISG) in the development of their talent and of collaborative teams, through executive and team coaching as well as designing and facilitating development programs and providing HR/Organizational consulting experience. Karine initially graduated from ESCP (European School of Business) and pursued her development with an HR Executive Masters degree at Sciences Po. She is a certified coach and Master NLP practitioner and uses a wide range of developmental tools such as the MBTI, Belbin and Human Synergetic models.

Her favorite topics are leadership, change management, interpersonal relationships, teamwork, diversity and inclusion as well as people development.

She has spent 17 years in multinationals in various countries, working for Reuters, Alstom and Rio Tinto, as manager, transformational projects leader and internal consultant, coach and trainer. One of her major achievements is the design and roll out of the Rio Tinto leadership program with a focus on lean management. (more than 1000 people in EMEA)

Her passion for understanding human beings in their diversity has led her to learn English, Spanish, Japanese, Mandarin and Italian and to live/work in Japan, in Spain, in the UK and in Australia. 

Patrick Dutartre – Air Force General 

Patrick is French. He is a Air Force General. He started his career as Fighter Pilot, then was the Leader The French Aerobatic Team, “Patrouille de France”, Wing Commander, In charge of Air Operations and Air Defense and Base commander.

Then, Patrick was the director of air force international affairs, Chief of the Air Force Public Affairs, Counselor to the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Counselor to the French Embassy in Beijing – & French Olympic attaché.

Patrick leveraged all these years of responsibilities by providing services to develop operational excellence in the aeronautic industry first, and then all industries in transformation.

Patrick is an Apm Expert coaching teams and delivering training events for managers in Excellences of Teams.

He works in Europe, Asia (China – South Korea – Singapore)  and Africa.

Catherine Mouton – Executive Coach

Catherine is French and lives in Madrid. She is a Team and Executive Coach with solid international and intercultural business experience. She is a career transition expert, notably in accompanying transitioning leaders, in implementing new managerial leadership models and talent management process. She has developed a personal, confronting and empowering coaching style, and accumulates over 2500 hours of coaching experience. Catherine also facilitates groups of Co-Development for professionals and managers.

Catherine has designed and delivered coaching and training activities for Telefonica, Movistar, Zeleris, Alstom Power, EA (Electronique Art), Microsoft, Amadeus, Airbus, Iberia, Cegetel, HSBC, BNP Paribas, Santander, Campofrio, Leroy Merlin, MSD, Sanofi Aventis

Catherine works in English, Spanish and French. 


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