GO4IT is currently running a qualitative study on the topic “Innovation and Talent Management”. The study is based on interviews with stakeholders within the area of innovation or talent management. If you are interested, please contact Gilles Dacquet via email:

Why “Innovation and Talent Management”

Innovation is more than creating a competitive advantage for your company. It has become an imperative to respond to the current humanity challenges in a transforming world !

Our business world is no longer facing just tactical changes but going through a continuous and accelerated mutation. The human, technological and environmental challenges are on the top of the list as our global population reaches 7 billion people. Aside, our companies are going through exponential transformations because of the digitalization, the new ways to innovate, the speed of globalization and an increasing cross-functional world. Most companies have gone far to optimize their operating model which increased considerably their productivity. However, it also created silos and decreased the engagement of people who are less empowered to bring their own ideas and innovate. As a result, the challenge now is to find ways to bring back their energy within companies.

What can be done when less people are motivated to develop new ideas which could make sense for them and mostly their clients?

Some companies have decided to shift managerial paradigms to create a new vision and conditions so that people are willing to be more active and empowered. This is what GO4IT calls the “Innovation by all and for all”

Senior executives and managers participating in this study focus on 3 domains to create conditions for innovation at all level of the organization and, hence, ensure a sustainable growth of the company with happy people:

  • The innovation by all and for all
  • The innovation by R&D teams
  • The integration of innovation when your company acquire a start-up or partner outside your company

Each domain is critical for your company success and has its own way to operate. Each of them requires different type of leaders.

This is why our research team focuses on Talent Management with some key questions:

  • To what extend your Talent Management policy and actions help you identify leaders with the profile to boost a culture for innovation and prepare your future success?
  • What are the current risks in the way you operate your Talent Management program?
  • What are the direct consequences if you don’t get the right leaders to transform the way the R&D teams are operating?
  • What type of leaders do you need to integrate successfully new technologies and people from promising start-ups?
  • Who are the senior executives able to embark people in the innovation journey?
  • What are the best practices? and how to import them within your company?

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