Leadership development

The Leadership Challenges

  • For many years, leaders were focused only on execution. If this is still valid, they need today to transform continuously their operating models to keep their competitive advantage. To be successful, they need to mobilize their teams on an engaging vision; and mostly (this is new) to activate and nurture strategic internal and external networks to achieve their strategic objectives
  • In the past three years, leaders have faced all of the following:
    • Need to deliver more and faster
    • Increasing number of stakeholders
    • Shifting job requirements
    • Rising M&A activity and organizational changes
    • Geographic dispersion of teams
    • Widening spans of control
    • Less time available to spend with their team
  • As a result, they need to adapt their leadership style to this new work environment.
  • The acceleration of change and complexity of the business world require them to manage people differently and require them to move out of their comfort zone to progress successfully.


GO4IT Solutions

Our assessment and 360° feedback services, individual coaching engagement and training activities help your leaders to:

  • Understand their leadership footprint and identify their strengths, development opportunities and potential risks in relation to their individual challenges
  • Transition successfully to new roles and responsibilities with an evolution of their leadership style based on their unique personality
  • Develop their leadership capabilities in relation to your company strategic goals with our customized training programs, blending high-level experts, positive challenging confrontation with other participants and a pragmatic set of tools to ensure sustainability in their development.


As a result of our activities, leaders are…

  • Performants to deal with growth and transformation challenges
  • Aligned with the strategic and cultural priorities of the company
  • Mobilizers promoting with impact an engaging vision and actions aligned with their values
  • Positive challengers for others to develop their capabilities
  • Active listeners to empower people
  • Proactive supporters to help others transform innovative ideas into concrete and valuable results for the company
  • Talent scouts and developer
  • Connectors, developing internal and external strategic networks for them and their teams to better innovate and develop their business

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