People Selection


  • Select the right people with the right competencies and behavioral dimensions to contribute to your company’s performance
  • Recruit and retain talents ready to perform in their current jobs, able to grow, creating value and a competitive advantage for your company
  • Hiring the wrong person for the job can be costly

Common Selection Pitfalls 

Recruiters and people accountable for internal mobility:

  • Allow one characteristic of the candidate to influence their judgment
  • Fail to develop a complete picture of a candidate
  • Classify people into stereotypes leading to wrong hiring decisions
  • Focus only on the skills required for the job and don’t look at the motivation aspects
  • Waste valuable time using redundant and irrelevant questions when interviewing candidates
  • Don’t take the personality aspects of the candidate when recruiting
  • Fill a position under pressure with candidates who will have a hard time to perform in the job


GO4IT Solution

GO4IT consulting and training services contribute to the performance of your selection system:

  • Improvement of the efficiency of the recruitment with:
    • the design and implementation of a common selection system and process
    • the creation of a competency framework adaptable to the evolution of roles within your company
    • the configuration of interview guides for targeted roles, aligned with the competency framework
    • the training of interviewers (managers and HR people)
  • Measurement of the impact of the new system: quality of candidates, cost, attrition



  • Better identification and evaluation of internal resources to fil in positions and increase the quality of internal mobility
  • Effective hiring decisions of people with higher performance and potential for promotion.
  • Turnover reduction
  • More interviews leading to job offers
  • Increase of job-offer acceptance rate

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